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Support Diplomacy with Iran

Dear fellow Americans,


We are Americans of Iranian descent.  Like all Americans, we’re proud of our great country, and we vigorously defend the U.S. ideals of freedom and opportunity. We’ve worked together to make this the best country in the world.


Like all Americans, we represent every color on the political and religious spectrum, and we often disagree. But we agree on one thing: that solving problems through communication is better for the world than conflict. In the past few decades, wars have cost Americans thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, and conflict has persisted. When we achieve America’s goals through diplomacy instead of war, we all win.


Our message is about people, not politics.


Diplomacy with Iran has the potential to do much more than prevent a war. It provides an opportunity for engagement between cultures, people, and ideas. It creates a chance for Americans and Iranians to create a brighter future that benefits all of our children.


While the government of Iran and the governments of the West have had profound differences, the people of Iran have a long history of tolerance, hospitality, creativity, and innovation that predates modern governments and religions -- and these are values that Americans share. The people of Iran want peace, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness just as much as Americans do.


We urge you, our fellow Americans, to show your desire for peace and prosperity by supporting the recent agreement among the U.S., Iran, and other major world powers. Join us in embracing this unique opportunity for Americans and Iranians to connect.  Let’s make history.



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100 former US ambassadors praise the Iran peace deal:

U.S. Nobel-winning nuclear scientists certify security of Iran deal:

Retired U.S. generals and admirals support Iran nuclear deal:

Dozens of nuclear arms-control experts support Iran deal:

Over 100 Israeli generals and spy chiefs support Iran nuclear deal:

340 Rabbis urge Congress to support Iran nuclear deal

Prominent Hollywood Jews support Iran diplomacy agreement

Jack Black and Morgan Freeman Drop the Mic on the #IranDeal:

Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans supports peace:

Diplomacy with Iran has the potential to do much more than prevent a war.

Shohreh Aghdashloo

Academy Award-nominated actress

Arash Ferdowsi

Co-founder & CTO,


Firoozeh Dumas

New York Times Bestselling Author

Hamid Biglari

Former Vice-Chairman, Citigroup

Maz Jobrani


Omid Kordestani

Chief Business Officer,


Dara Khosrowshahi

CEO, Expedia

Mehran Kardar

Professor of Physics,


Salar Kamangar

Former CEO, YouTube

Shirin Neshat

Visual Artist, Filmmaker

Vali Nasr

Dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Firouz Naderi

Director, Solar System Exploration at NASA JPL

Hamid Moghadam

Chairman and CEO,


Ali Partovi

Investor, Dropbox, Zappos.


Hadi Partovi

Investor, Facebook.

Nasim Pedrad

Actress and Comedian

Shervin Pishevar

Co-founder, Sherpa Capital, Strategic Advisor, Uber

Mark Zandi

Chief Economist,

Moody’s Analytics

Shayan Zadeh


Gear Zero and Zoosk

Lotfi Zadeh

Inventor of “fuzzy logic.” Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley

Ali Rowghani

Former Chief Operating Officer, Twitter

Anousheh Ansari

Chairwoman, Prodea.
Space traveler

Reza Aslan

Writer and Scholar of Religions, UC Riverside

Nazanin Boniadi


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Additional Signatories:

Gholam Peyman, Inventor, LASIK. Recipient, National Medal of Technology

Ali Habibi, Inventor JPEG Image Compression

Pejman Nozad, Managing partner, Pejman Mar Ventures

Cyrus Habib, Washington State Senator

Bobak Ferdowsi, NASA JPL Engineer, aka "NASA Mohawk Guy"

Mohsen Moazami, Former VP, Cisco. Founder, CNTP

Hessam Esfandyarpour, CEO and Chairman, GenapSys

Hooman Radfar, Partner, Expa. Founder, AddThis

Kamran Elahian, Chairman, Global Catalyst Partners

Aydin Ghajar, Product Manager, Facebook

Patham Beheshti, Co-founder, Instapio

Kevin Nazemi, Co-founder, Oscar

Omeid Seirafi-Pour, Co-founder, MyFab5

Amir Tehrani, Founder, Legacy Foundation

Mehran Sahami, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford

Shiva Sarram, Founder, Blossom Hill Foundation

Samad Nasserian, Founder and CEO, Cozymeal

Shahram Mahini, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Massoud Dabir, President, DCI Corp

Trita Parsi, Founder, NIAC

Hamed Behravan, Journalist and NGO Director

Shobeir Shobeiri, Head of Business Development, Pebble

Malahat Fardadi, Co-founder, Noxidus Power

Alireza Mehrzad, Founder, President, Golden Seller

Peyman Nilforoush, CEO, InPowered

Noosheen Hashemi, Tech Exec & Philanthropist

Kamran Atta, Composer & Singer

Elaine Ethier, Founder, Powerful Non-Profits, LLC

Darius Emadi, Comedian

F. Francis Najafi. CEO. Pivotal Group

Dr. Alix Nassiri, DO, CEO, REACH Wellness and SCAP Inc

Amir Farokhi, Chief Operating Officer, College Advising Corps

Bahman Baktiari, Executive Director, International Foundation for Civil Society

Iraj Ershaghi Omar B Milligan, Professor USC

Jalil Shoraka, Founder and Chairman of The Aries Group

Fateh Kamal, Sr. Director CBS Interactive

Touraj Assefi, Professor Emeritus, University of Idaho

Pirooz Parvarandeh, Former Group President, CTO, Maxim Integrated Products

Saghi Modjtabai, CEO, HCI

Farah M. Walters, Retired C.E.O. University Hospital Health System, Cleveland, Ohio

Bahram Memarzadeh, CEO, CommonPharma, Cancer Therapeutics

Nader Bagheri, Chair and Professor, California State University, Maritime Academy

Sedigheh Keyhani Rofagha, Emeritus Professor of Pathology, Ohio State University

Max Safai, VP HW Engineering & Operations, Amazon Corporate

Behnam Tabrizi, Bestselling Author and Stanford University Consulting Professor

Manda Ghaferi, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, AIG

Fatima Ebrahimi, Scientist, Princeton

Ali C Razi, Chairman, Stratham group

Saleem Haque, Vice President, Oracle America

Vahid Sedghi, Senior Director, Thomson Reuters

Ali Fatemi, Chairman Emeritus, Department of Finance, DePaul University

Babak Hassibi, Gordon M. Binder/Amgen Professor of Electrical Engineering, Caltech

Saeed Ghahramani, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Western New England University

Sanaz Ahari, Group Product Manager at Google

Sean Emam, Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft

Fred Hadaegh, Senior Research Scientist and Technical Fellow NASA-JPL

Hamid B. Moghaddam, CEO and Co-Founder Carly AB

Ali Fakhari, Principal, Ivy Venture Partners

Tyler MacNiven, Amazing Race winner, Restaurant Owner

Mahshid Mehrayin, U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman

Amin Arbabian, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Arshya Vahabzadeh M.D., Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital

Fred Fraidon Korangy, CEO, NEEI

Arash Houshmand, Founder & CEO Contigua

Mohammad Shakeri, Director of UX at Microsoft

Sam Pejham, Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF School of medicine

Mojtaba Sadegh, Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Irvine

Maryam Mokhtarzadeh, M.D.

Ali Asvadi, CEO, Lancord Systems, Inc.

Puya Seid-Karbasi, Software Engineer at Amazon

Narges Baniasadi, CEO Bina Technologies

Nahal Iravani-Sani, Deputy District Attorney

Ali Babazadeh, President, Habitech Systems

Koorosh Dehghan, President of American Business & Legal Consulting

Aryan Shayegani, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Medicine

Saed Mohseni, CEO of Bravo & Brio Restaurant Group

Arash Alaei, MD Clinical Associate Professor State University of New York at Albany

Anahita Ferasat, Senior Counsel, Cornerstone OnDemand

Nima Dehghani, Scientist, Wyss Institute for Biologically-Inspired Engineering, Harvard

Kiumarss Nasseri, Professor Emeritus, Senior Research Consultant

Mohsen Pourahmadi, Professor Statistics, Texas A&M

Sam Naficy, MD, Medical Director Naficy Plastic Surgery

Farhad Raiszadeh, Retired Professor, University of Tennesee at Chattanooga

Tiba Parsa, Retired Director, Program Management Office, FINRA

Bahman Fakhimi, CEO, Planet Beauty Inc.

M. Marty Youssefiani, CEO, Balestra Group, Inc.

Armin Gorgin, Business Intelligence Architect, European Commission Data Centre

Niloofar Zarkesh DDS, MS, Periodontist

Mostafa Vahabzadeh, Former Director of Fortune 500 and Startup Companies

Majid Keyhani, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of TN

Banafsheh Ghassemi, CEO and CoFounder, Tangerine Lab

Azad Sadri, CEO, VCN Health

Saeed Tavazoie, Professor of Biology, Columbia University

Asghar Sajadian, Psychology Faculty at CUNY, NY

Mojtaba (Mo) Ardebili, CEO, Energy Systems Design,Inc.

Mahmoud Amini, Product Design Manager, Apple

Babak Jahromi, Standards Architect, Microsoft Co

Daniel Pourasghar, Business Development, Airbnb

Sebastian Oghlidos, Managing Partner - Augment Financial

Mehrdad Tabrizi, PhD, President Nitto Denko Technical

Bob Ghaffari, Director Network Platforms, Intel

Ali Momeni Associate Professor Carnegie Mellon University

Rameen Talesh, Ed.D., UC Irvine

Mohamad Navab, Professor, UCLA Cardiology

Ali Lotfizadeh, MD, MPH, Co-founder and Director, PASHA

Laleh Shahidi, Vice President California Health- Medical Reserve Corp

Shahab E. Mofidi, Managing Director, Citigroup

Ashley Baxstrom, UN Food Security Policy Advisor

Guity Nashat, Emerita Professor University of Illnois Chicago and University of Chicago

Babak Hamadani, Engineer, Facebook, Twitter, Investor, Advisor

Firooz Partovi, Founding Professor, Sharif University

Peyman Amini, Sr. Director, Verizon

Ata Anzali, Professor at Middlebury College

AmirAli Talasaz, Co-founder and President, Guardant Health

Yves Sauriol, Comic Book Artist,

Hadi T. Nia, Fellow, Harvard Meidcal School

Leila Makarechi, Chief Operating Officer, Microclinic International

Nader Engheta, H. Nedwill Ramsey Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Leila Jahangiri, Clinical Professor and Chair, Prosthodontics- NYU

Ali Reza, Managing Director - Morgan Stanley

Omar Ansari, Senior Program Manager, Yahoo

Ali Baba Attaie, Co-founder, Hellosmile

Bijan Najafi, Professor of Surgery, University of Arizona

Ali Zamani, Software Engineer, Toyota Material Handling Europe

Mohammad Azadpur, Professor

Harry Horan, Former Captain, American Airlines

Ali Herischi, Attorney and Founder of US Iran People Friendship Society

Mohammad Farzaneh, Co-founder, Home Creations Inc

Artemis Ebneyousef Berry, Vice President

Mehdi Saharkhiz, VP of Operations, Rush Graphics

Aidin A.zadeh, Mercedes Benz Passenger Car Development

Bijan Pashanamaei, Senior Vice President AECOM

Mehrdad Kazemi, Founder and CEO, PC Clinic

Ali Khoshnan, Senior Research Scientist , California Institute of Technology

Farzin Amzajerdian, Senior Scientist, NASA

Sara Ahmadian, Co-founder, Seamless Planet

Kamiar Alaei, Director, Global Institute for Health and Human Rights

Navid Zolfaghari, Co-Founder, Pinpoint

Jamsheed Khalilian, CEO, JAYCO Graphics Supplies Inc

Nikrad Shahnavaz M. D., Assistant professor, Emory University

Mehran Arabpour, Cardiologist

Amir Sabouri, MD, PhD

Mehrzad Samadi, Research Fellow, University of Michigan

Maryam Kamarei Baer, Director of Legal at Okta, Inc.

Ghobad Fakhimi, Former NIOC Director

Tommy Pourmahram, Director of Business Development, McKesson Specialty Health

Raheleh Salari, Senior Scientist, Natera

Benjamin A. Esshaghi, CEO, Persisca Network

Shirin Bazleh, Producer, Writer, Editor, Braym Productions

Azy Modares (Royal Family of Bakhtiari)

Hamid Shafipour, MD, Radiologist

Tara Sadeghi, Director of Clinical Operations, Bio-Path Holdings, Inc.

Naser Sheikhzadegan, Senior Product Manager, Plantronics

Rachel DiMaggio, Writer and Editor

Sepehr Marjouei Nouri, Violist at Marga Marga Chamber Orchestra

Mehrdad Shooshani, President , Channel International

Shani Moslehi - Founder, Orange County Iranian American Chamber of Commerce

Reza Zadeh, Consulting Professor of Computational Mathematics, Stanford University

Sohrab Vahabzadeh, Founder, SV Capital

Max M. Mansoubi, CEO and CTO, BumpyCrowd, Inc.

Siamak "Sia" Zand, CBS and Sky News representative in Iran up to 2008

Fereidoon Behbahani, Principal-Chief Financial Officer, Standard Technology, Inc.

Mazyar Cangarlu, CEO, Traffic Education Center

Elahe Sharifpour-Hicks. Executive Director, Partners for Rights

Morey Parang, President, Parcon Inc.

Ali Rasoulinejad, Legislative Director at New York City Council

Cyrus Carey, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Roozbeh Jafari, Associate Professor, Texas A&M Univ.

Masood Parang, Professor

Fatemeh Ibrahimi Nazarian, Professor at USC

Iman Hajirasouliha, Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University

Farah Naz Khaleghi, Ph.D., Ed.d., Executive Director

Mohammad Moussavian, Neurologist

Negar Mortazavi, Journalist in New York

Amin Ariana, Co-founder and CTO, Sponsorbrite

Alireza Salmanzadeh, PhD, Scientist at Newomics Inc.

Steve Mohebi, Founder, Smithfield Medical Development

Shahriar Shahabi, Founder,

Masoud Vaghei, VP of Engineering, Wirestorm Innovations

Arash Jian-Amadi, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington Medical Center

Kamran Eftekhari, Professor

Mohammad Etminan MD, Assistant Professor Orthopaedic Surgery, UT Houston

Kamran Rastegar, Associate Professor, Tufts University

Jules Ruis, Director Fractal Consultancy

Ali Jadbabaie, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Arash Houshmand, Founder Contigua

Behrouz Enayati, Founder, Eiger International Financial Management

Sohrab Salimi, CIO SE-Consulting

Susan Azimi-Gass, Professor of Computer Science, NYIT

Kasra Safdari, CEO, Ispahan Holding LLC

Yousef Javadi, CEO and co founder, LTN Global Communications

Babak Moghaddam, President Charter Pacific Lending Crop

Taher Behbehani, CMO Broadsoft

Mahyad Tousi, CEO BoomGen Studios

Mehran Mirjafari CEO Atlas Insurance

Mehrzad Mahmoudian-Geller, PhD, College Teacher

Mohamad Afshar, Vice President, Oracle

Shahin Shahida, Recording Artist, EMI

Jordan Burton, President, Burton Advisors LLC

Fred Hesari, President of Prestige Petroleum Corp

Siroos Afshar, Ph.D., retired AVP of AT&T

Leila Golestaneh Austin, Executive Director, PAAIA

Fred Parvaneh, Director at MCHomeLoans

Shideh Dinani, former CEO of Denox Inc

Alex Saleh, VP Business Operations, Birst

Majid Sameni, Founder and CEO, ParaStack

Nazila Amirghahari, Scientitst

Hassan Mohammadi, Professor of Economics, Illinois State University

Hooman Baradaran, Founder, Amytis Inc.

Andrew Arash Anissi, Contracts Attorney at American Public Television

Ramin Khashayar, MD, Cofounder, Muir Pulmonary Critical Care

Sara Nodjoumi, Producer, Partner Pictures

Khosrow Vosoughi- President/CEO Dutchess Terminals, Inc.

Alex Aydin, CEO, BookingPal

Kourosh, CEO, TLXC group

Farzad Naeim, Adjunct Professor, UC Irvine

Saeed Al Awadhi Managing Director, Dining Club International

Ahmad Estiri, CEO, Co-Founder of Sea Furniture

Sassan Ghahramani, Founder and CEO, SGH Macro Advisors, LLC

Farnoosh Fazlollahi, PhD, FDA/ CDER

Masoud Zadeh, Ph.D., P.E., Founder, Risk and Reliability Engineering

Ardeshir Bagheri, CEO and Chairman of Alutrades Company

Fereidun Fesharaki, Chairman, FGE

Farhad Tabrizi, Founder, COO QUORA Semiconductor

Ali Haghjoo, CEO Hall Research

Kamyar Sedighi, CEO at Webta

Javad Moulai, Professor, Roxbury Community College

Abbas Khashayar; Director of Engineering, Cymer, An ASML Company

Alireza Hosseini, MD, Assistant Professor, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Iman Jalali, Chief of Staff, ContextMedia

Pirouz Nilforoush, President inPowered

Mehdi Kargar, CEO, Maxterial

Shiva Balaghi, Visiting Scholar at Brown University

Seyed M. Khorashahi, COO, Regulatory Compliance Associates Inc

Bruno Borsari, Professor, Winona State University

Michel Zohouri President- Zoho Stone Architectural Products LLC

Joseph L Evans, PhD Research Scientist and Author

Shervin Malekzadeh, Professor of Political Science, Swarthmore College

Sasan Raeisy, CEO, Los Angeles SEO Inc.

Maysam Mousaviraad, PhD, Scientist at University of Iowa

Mahmoud Tabatabaiepur, COO Allied Imex, Inc.

Babak A. Ardekani, Research Scientist

Vahid R. Arbab, Ph.D., Lead Data Scientist at Dex Media Inc

Reza Hashemiha; Managing Partner Mapokardia LLC

Kamyar Moinzadeh, CEO and President, Airbiquity Inc.

Shapoor Vali, Professor of Economics, Fordham University

Farin Kamangar, Professor of Public Health

Hosna Akhlaghpour, Biomedical Design Enginner, THINK Surgical

Sam Kazemian, CEO & Cofounder Everipedia

Parisa Shahi, DDS, FACP. Maxillofacial Prosthodontist

Ebrahim Ahmadi MD PC CEO

Dr Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi, University of Exeter

Nanaz Fathpour, PHD, Jet propulsion Laboratory

Ramine Rouhani, Managing Partner, Pinehouse Capital LLC

Muhammad Sahimi, Professor, University of Southern California

Ali Akhavan, Software Engineer at Google

Kamak Ebadi, Ph.D. Space Robotics

Ali Asghari Tabrizi, Research Assistant and PhD Candidate, Univ. of South Carolina

Shahab Yassemi, Software Engineer, Symantec

Emad Bahrami-Samani, Postdoctoral Scholar at UCLA

Kia Lashgari, Sr Manager, Accenture

Farzad Naimi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, RONA Holdings LLC.

Amir Zarkesh, President, Bluechip Systems

Bijan Bidabad, Professor of Economics

Maryam Gholami, Entrepreneur, Product Management, Practice Fusion, Microsoft

Hojr Pisheh, Hardware Engineering Manager, Google

Ellie Ryham, Actress / Life Coach

Bardia Vahidi, Founder and CEO, Historide

Shahram mohamadi, PhD, PV Research Scientist

Abi Ghafari, CTO and Co-founder, Recreate Robotics

Pedram Hassanzadeh, Scientist, Center for the Environment, Harvard University

Houmon Mokry, CEO Leopard LLC Investments

Peyman Servati, Professor, UBC

Medi Eslani, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Farshad Amini, Professor & Chair

Saeed Bejnood, Professor of Physics

Abbas Rezvan, CEO, Navzer Co.

Annahita Mahdavi PhD (C) International Psychology/Assistant Professor

Aali R. Alizadeh, CEO, Giatec Scientific Inc.

Bita Ryan, Television News Producer

Shahin Hedayat, Co-Founder & Chairman, Apixio Inc.

Bardia Fadavi , CEO & Founder , Pro Accounting Solutions

Mostafa Ronaghi, CTO, illumina

Mohammad Tavallaei, PhD, President of ViTAL Biomedical Technologies

Ezat Parnia, Ph.D. Former President of Pacific Oaks College and Children's School

Alireza Hoveyda, CEO MPPT, Inc.

Alex Eskandar Khajavi CEO NatureAir

Javad Fakharzadeh, CEO, Advanced Technologies Engineering, Inc.

Mohsen Yousefiyan, Aerospace and Defense, Manufacturing Lead, Washington State

Homa Farjadi, Professor in Practice of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

Clayton Brown, CEO Keycafe

Zahir Dehnadi, CEO &CO-Founder navabi

Ali Hendi, MD MOHS Surgeon and Clinical Assistant Professor, Georgetown University Hospital

Soraya Taghavi, Founder and CEO, RUMI

Shahriar Shahriari, Professor of Mathematics, Pomona College

Sherry Amanpour--Former Diplomat--Ministry of Foreign Affairs--Teheran, Iran

Fatieh Molaparast, President, Biopharmaceuticals Consulting Group

Jamal Rostami, Associate Professor, Centennial Chair in Mining Eng.

Niema M Pahlevan, Clinical Research Investigator at Caltech-HMRI

Behzad Mahmoodzadegan, PhD - Founder & CEO, NYHK Partners

Bijan Sedigh VP AFK Furniture

Anahita Mir Tabatabaei, PhD, Research Engineer at Robert Bosch LLC

Ben Abadi, Serial Entrepreneur

Esmail Ghorbani, President, Enginuity Search, Inc.

Foaad Khosmood, Professsor, California Polytechnic State University

Sherry Hakimi, CEO, Sparktures

Shahriar Ghoddousi, Ph.D. Chairman Global Investments

Payam Banazadeh, Entrepreneur in Residence, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Elham Azizi, Postdoctoral Scientist, Columbia University

Mahdi Alibakhshian, Professor of Architecture, Woodbury University, Founder of Qastic

Misagh Pars, Professor of Sociology, Dartmouth College

Reza Peyrovian, Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

Philipp Windemuth, Partner at Dentons in Berlin and Moscow

Mohammad Morshed,Professor

Mohammad Abdolmohammadi, John E. Rhodes Professor, Bentley University

Behrouz Sedighi, P.E. LEED AP, Chief Elerical Engineer Syska Hennessy

Mohsen Toosi BMVW Inc. CEO

Armand Der-Hacobian, CEO, LEAP San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Services

Hazhir Rahmandad, Assistant Professor of Management, MIT

Meisam Ashkezary, PharmD and Co-Founder PharmaMed Group LLC

Monty Dariani, Founder of BLADE Communications & Computer Scientist

DR. Amir Rezvani, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-Duke University

Hamid Latifi Ph.D. Adjunct Professor university of Memphis civil Engineering

Sasha Shafikhani, Ph.D, Scientist & Assistant Professor of Microbiology

Hootan Nikbakht, CTO, TILOFY

Mostafa Sadjadi CEO & Founder beeCart

Houman Hamidzadeh, Managing Partner (OC Branch) Wai & Connor, LLP.

Dr. Vida davoudi, Professor of Political science

Jahangir Karimi, Professor

Ardalan Vahidi, Associate Professor, Clemson University

Mehran Ardakanian-Senior Bridge Engineer- California Department of Transportation

Shahram Aminzadeh, President of Caspian EQuest

Farnaz Hasteh, Associate Professor of Pathology at UCSD Medical School

Brian Motii, Professor of economics, UOM

Behrokh Khoshnevis, Professor, University of Southern California

Tony Saadat, CEO, Soutron Global

Shadi Ganjavi, PhD in Linguistics, Lecturer at CSU, Northridge

Mahnaz Maddah, CTO, Cellogy Inc.

Hassan Siahpolo, Sr. Principal Hardware Engineer, Inventor, Oracle Corp

Kourosh Kian, Principal Scientist

Mohammad Farivar. MD. FACP. FACG . BU Medical School

Hossein Moini, Professor, CSU-Fullerton

Hugh Fard, Chairman, Newlands Corp.

Kathy Jouneghani, Financial Analyst

Vahid Vassey System Engineer Microsoft

Majid Yekan, Sr. Director of Corporate Quality at Harmonic

Zara Houshmand, Writer

Kevin Miston, Researcher

Massod Vadiee MD

Pegah Hassanzadeh, PhD Candidate, University of Washington

Homayoun Khorram, Principal, Fidelity Guaranty Funding

Esfandyar Batmanghelidj, Founding Partner, BHB Emissary

Morteza Shahriari Nia, PhD Candidate, University of Florida

SallyT, PhD candidate

Farid Adibi, CEO and Founder at GrooveGrip, Writer at TechRasa

Kayhan Kamali, Project Manager, Bechtel corporation

Kathryn Babayan, Associate Professor of Iranian History, University of Michigan

Kaveh Kahen, VP of R&D, Perkin Elmer Inc.

Bijan Ansari, CEO Bijan Capital

Rodin Hamidi, Cinematographer, Director

Omid Aminpour, Engineer, Netflix

Setareh Sabety, Blogger, Huffington Post

Nezam Moghadassian, Maintenance Sales & Marketing, United Airlines

Nahid Ranjbar, Doctor of Physical therapy

Kam Eshghi, VP Alliances, DSSD

Mahmoud Mihanyar, MSRE Candidate at Warrington College of Business

Saghar Hosseini, PhD candidate

Amin Amiri, Software Engineer, Microsoft

Kristi Jones, Director - Dar El Kitab

Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD Candidate, The Rockefeller University

Mansour Aalam, Economist

Zahra Salamatian, Artist

Hedieh Hashemi, PhD student, University of Cincinnati

Kimia Shahi, NYU Masters Candidate, Food Studies

Kambiz Jalili, Jalili International, Inc. , President

Ali Kashani, Ph.D.

Ramak Siadatan, Training and Enablement Manager, Google

Fari Assaderaghi, Vice President of Advanced Technology, InvenSense Corporation

Morad Ghorban, Director of Government Affairs & Policy, PAAIA

Morris Sade (Sadeghian), PhD, PE, Engineering Consultant

James Fox, PE - Civil Engineer, US Peace Corps/Iran 1960s

Laila Ahmadinejad, Creative Director, Proper Design

Morteza Zandieh, Software Engineer at Google

Sina Nader, Entrepreneur and Investor

Menoo Afkari, Executive Director of Hearts Around The World

Shabnam Khamooshi, Engineer, Boeing Company

Mohammad Ataie, Owner, Cal Auto

Houman Shokraneh, Director of Engineering, LA Turbine

Leila Shooshani, Audience Development, Tikkun Magazine

Morteza Saki, Managing Partner

Aria Varasteh, Data Information Specialist

Mohsen Rofoogaran, Physician

Maryam Morsali Sullivan, Teacher

Farshad Nasiri-PhD Candidate, The George Washington University

Nadia Davari, Esquire

M.Shirazi. Shahien, Inc. Real state investor

Seyedmostafa Safavi, Co-founder, CenterYou Mobile Security

Pejman Sharifi, Patent Attorney

Erica Khosrowshahi, Customer Experience, ClassPass

Nima Rahimi, Attorney at Littler Mendleson

Masoud Jalali, PhD student, UCSD

Ali Mirzajani, Aerospace Structures MSc. at KNTU

Soraya Rofagha MD

Mehrzad Hatami (Photographer, Artist)

Niki Khoshzamir Moore, Entrepreneur and Attorney

Mohammad Reza Najafi, Hydrologist

Hamid Abbaszadeh, Medical Doctor, ARDMS, ARVT, RAD

Kianoush Naficy, Attorney at Law

Hamidreza Ziyaee, Project Engineer at GE

David Miry, Founder, D & S Development

Nima Khiabani, MS. Software Technology

Dorsa Jalalian, Architect and Urban Designer

Sabah Nobakhti, PhD Candidate, Northeastern University

Caroline J. Nasseri, Partner/ Attorney at Habbas, Nasseri & Associates

Reza Samizadeh, Assistant Professor

Matt Kamkar, Sr. Policy & Legislative Advisor

Ali Youssefi, VP, CFY Development

Asghar Nosrati, Co-founder & Principal, Americo Energy Re sources

Behrang Asadi, Scientist and Analytics Leader, Danaher Labs

Haris Badar, C.E.O Pakhtun Wardrobe

Atousa Raissyan, Artist

Sam Mohajer-Shojaie, Managing Director, Amerair International

Ashkaan Daneshi, Founder CALMENA

Keyvan Sohrabi, DDS, MMSc

Farshad Kamali, Founder of Shimiteb

Hooman Tabrizi, VP Operations, Streamline Health

Roozbeh Sahrai, Founder Advanced Body Care Wellness Center

Alayar Kangarlu, Physicist, Columbia University

Alexander A. Marjani, CEO, Marjani Builders, Inc.

Elham Khatami, Outreach Director, NIAC

Shuk Ghofrany MD. FACS,

Yousef Panahpour, President, Iratex Company, Inc.

Sanaz Khalaj-Santos Founder & Editor in Chief, Persianesque Magazine

Reza Bavar, Founder Kaloud

Ehsan Jabbarzadeh, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of South Carolina

Roxanne Varza, Startup Lead Microsoft, co-founder

Shawn Khosravi, President, Bankers Companies

Dr. Zal Tagdini-Parson, Juris Doctor/Legal Analyst

Goody Seif, EVP Business Development and Sales

Dr. Farin Mirvahabi Powell, Attorney, Author

Zohreh Zandi, Regional Transit Technology Implementation Manager

Allen Farahani, M.D. Asst professor At Hofsta University

Sasha Naz Moinzadeh, Founder & Owner of Bellevue Pediatric Therapy

Bernd Reza Schmidt, Founder & CEO Bitumina Group

M,Hossein,Esfandiari - BSNMT

NiMA Asghari, Founder, MD at Caspian GmbH

Shahin Shabanian, Assistant Prof. of Physics

Abbas Banaiyanmofrad, Senior Hardware Engineer

Soroush Bassam, Research Assistant, University of Maryland

Milad Riazifar, PhD Candidate at UC Irvine in Pharmaceutical sciences

Shadi Saberi, PhD

Ali Sadrpour, Engineer Northrop Grumman

Allen Maleki, Electronic Engineer in ZForce

Saeed Jahangirian, PhD, Senior Technology Specialist, Ansys, Inc.

Kushyar Kasraie, CEO, MobilePD

Pezhman Nikpour, CISO County of Marin

Bashir Eghbali, Director of Engineering, Grand Rounds

Lili Abir Regen, Set Designer

Freidoonm Malek, MD, FACS

Allen Clutter, Peace Corps Volunteer Iran I Mashad

Mariam Ahmadian Hara, Executive Search Co.

Abrhaim Setoodeh, DDS

Manouchehr Saljoughian, PharmD, PhD

Mahbod Moghadam, Cofounder Everipedia

Shireen Mahdavi Professor

Cyrus Kooshesh, Former Director of TRIO Student Support Services, Retired

Sina Abhari, Physician

Morteza Taherisefat, Supervisor of Mathematics, Paterson NJ

Maria Afsharian, Founder & CEO, Afsharian Iran Consulting

Shahrokh Ahkami, MD.

Tim Shams, Senior SAP Business Intelligence Consultant, The Irvine Company

Zohrehpartovi Artist (Fine Art)

Amir Ebrahimnia, CEO, Derooted Agency

Dr Jamshid Lotfi. Neurologist, Methodist Hospital, Baytown TX

Sam Ghandchi, Editor of

Morrie P. Nourian, Attorney at Law

Mohammad Taghi Karimi, Design Director, Press TV

Siamak Sani, CEO

Ahmad Kalbasi-Ashtari, Food Engineer and Research Scientist

Omid Yousefian, MD

Farshid Ketabchi, Product Marketing Lead, Snapfish

Shima Nassiri, Data scientist at Microsoft, PhD student at University of Washington

Zeinabsadat Mohammadi, PhD

Sheila Eghbali, Public School Science Teacher

Moj Ghodoussi, Ph.D. Surgical Robotics

Behzad Nakhjavan. Professor of Architecture

Navid Firoozi, Founder, Brands Ignited

Farnaz Khalaj, Reservoir Engineer Chevron

Mariam Amin, Startup Attorney at Start It Law, and Tech Law Garden, formerly Sequoia Capital

Farzad Ahmadi, PhD

Rameen Miarrostami, M.D.

Ali Abouzia, MD

Saeed Akbari, MD.

Soheil Rouhi Ph.D.

Pouneh Ghaffarian, Public Utilities Counsel - CPUC

Mehrdad Peyvandi, Design Engineer in Aerospace Field

Eugene Dariush Daneshvar, PhD, Technical Advisor, Oblon LLP

Shervin Shadianloo, M.D.

Taha Bahadori, PostDoc, Georgia Tech

Nasim Taheri, PhD chemistry, Rice university

Armin Sadighi, Ph.D. Student of Pharmaceutical Sciences, URI

Pejman Azarmina, Founder, Thinkocrats

Octavio Zaya, Writer and Curator

Amir H. Pirouznia, Co-founder,

Artin Terhakopian, MD

Parisa Navidi, Architecture Designer, CAS Architects

Amir Pakzadian, Founder & CEO, Bia2

Kioumars Shahnaz, Musician

Fariba Babakhani Pharm.D. CEO

Mehrdad Ajdari, Economist

Mohammad Riahi MD ,FACS,,FACC

Mehrdad Madresehee, Professor of Economics at Lycoming College

Parastou Marashi, Senior User Experience Designer

Nooshin Aghili, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist

Mojdeh Marashi, Co-founder Blurred Whisper

Saeid Mahdavi, Associate Professor, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Aryana Farshad. Filmmaker, Writer

Armineh Hovanesian, Photographer

Shauheen Etminan, PhD Social Entrepreneur, Engineer, Entrepreneur

Alex Roudi, CEO Interwest Capital

Nasim Eibagi, Research Scientist

Mohamad Pourfar,MD

Navid Zanjani, National Committeeman of the Young Democrats of America (YDA)

Mehdi Sarram, President Energy Security Consulting Group

Mike Marian Civil Engineer VDOT

Said Kazemi, Former Co-owner and Senior Vice President of F&K Delvotec

Shahram Seyedin-Noor, Co-Founder, Rgenix

Sohrab Bouzarjomehri, President of Sorab and Roshi Design inc

Sarah Eiman, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Anooshirvan Ghazai, Information Technology Instructor

David B Woodward, President & CEO, Associates in Cultural Exchange

Mariam Tavassol, Owner, First choice flooring & design

Navid Taheri Senior Software Developer at Meltwater

Richard Schubert, Johnson Creek Watershed Council

Mohsen Vakili, Journalist

Morteza Ahmadinejad, Owner, president of AMLFF

Maria Baghramian, Professor of American Philosophy, University College, Dublin, Ireland

Zohreh Nourian, Scientist

Stephanie Unterweger Vice President

Farhang Rouhani, Professor of Geography, University of Mary Washington

Behdad Esfahbod, Software Enginner, Google

Mehdi Ghajar, MD, Ophthalmic surgeon, Fresno, CA

Neda Rad, Director of HR, Blanclink

Kaveh Mirani, President, Winnetka Foods Inc.

Hamid R Ahmadi, Principal Consultant, Oracle

Firoozeh Vali, Former Healthcare Executive

Karim Pakravan, Associate Professor, DePaul University

Dr. Yousef Badiei Ph.D., owner Quickpark Airport Parking

Farhang Mobarhan, CEO,

Afshin Zand, former Chief Engineer, F-15 Eagle Computer Test System, IBM Federal Systems Division

Sayena Faridmarandi, PhD Student

Parisa Sanandaji, Patient Advocacy Relations, Boehringer Ingelheim

Lily S. Emamian, M.A. Candidate, Political Science UNC-Chapel Hill

Alexander m Zar CEO la la Land Production and Design

Farzin Mousavi, HSE Expert in Iran Oil and Gas Industry

Rava Vivian Allahyari, Neuroscience Ph.D. Student

Adeline Ramos, Photographer and Journalist

Amirali Saeedi, Program Manager, Microsoft

Maryam Banihashemi, Esq.

S. Farshad Bahari, PhD, University of Maryland

Babak Farsaii, PhD, Electrical Engineer

Alen Takhsh, Attorney, Takhsh Law, P.C.

Azin Fahimi, Postdoctora scholar at Caltech

Cyrus Gerami, PE, Leed AP Architectural Engineer

Rahim Assefi , MD

Nasrin Hassanlou Software Developer, Microsoft

Hossein Goodarz, Sr. Engineer Facilities, Amtrak

Houman Fakhimi, Attorney at Law

Omid Sanjideh PhDc

Abtin Assadi - IBM Cloud Advisor

Jafar Farnam, MD, Allergist, with interest in Parsi words and ancient Iran.

Iraj Taghizadeh Developer and predident & CEO of Iraj Taghi Homes

Shirin Zabihi. Teacher

Ali Nilchian, M.B.A./M.S. Sr. Electrical Engineer

Matin Kheirkhahan, PhD Student, University of Florida

Amir Zanjanian, M.D.

Reza Karimi, Artist

Lila Askari,Attorney of law

Taghi Azizi the owner of Aria Property Management

Leila Zeraatkari, Teacher

Faegheh Koohestani, Interior Architect

Esmail Fahimi, Lead Software Performance Engineer,

Fatemeh Sadeghi-Nejad, Attorney

Alireza Mashreghi,CFO, onsite dental

Hassan A. Barakat, M.D.

Arshia Tabrizi, Tabrizi Law Office PC & Vidoyen

Ali Afrassiabi MD

Ali Sharma, PhD, Weill Cornell Medical College

Ali Afrassiabi MD

Shahab Alilou, Software/Firmware Developer

Ali Askari,M.D , vPhysician, Biochemist and medical educator

Asefeh Heiat, MD, MPH

Kate Robinson, reporter,

Mo Mozafarian Founder of

Alfred Maksoud, M.D.

Mahdieh Parizi, M.D.

Azita Emami DMD , Basking Ridge Dental Group

Shahriar Moaddeli, MD

Avideh Bahri RN, MPH

Ali Amirrezvani M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine UCSD

David Leslie, Attorney

Mohsen Samii, MD Radiologist.

Alireza Khamesipour, PhD Student

Bahar Hoghooghi, PhD, Member President's Circle, Stribling & Associates

Hamid Mansouri, M.D.

Mahdi Khosravy, Asistant Professor, University for Information Science and Technology, Macedonia

Hamid Abdollahi, Co-founder Recon Instruments

Akhtar Motamedi

Roxanne Emadi

Zarin Shaghaghi, Academic Services Specialist

Safeyeh Tarassod, Graduate Student at Seton Hall University

Mahshid Fardadi, Research Scientist, UC Irvine

Mary Ghajar

Ali Simnad

Stephanie Morales

Siamak Modarresi, PhD Candidate, University of Washington

Afshin Sepehri

Hassan Ghajar

Al Garman, Small business owner

Hoss Zare Chef and restaurateur

Gita Tafazzoli

Nasim Yazdani

Zia Syed, Founder ClipMine

Mortaza Davoudi, Oracle Application Developer

Naz Weigley

Tim Marcher

Robert Bahadori

Daniel Khashabi, PhD Student, UIUC

Lily Sarafan, Entrepreneur and Investor

Parisa Monirzad

Ujjwal Hatuwal

Bijan Sajadi

Eshy Shahrazad

Shahab Paranj, Composer

Omid Sarmad

Misha Zadeh, Designer

Shahab Taraji, Former Iran Air Captain

Ali Heidari

Ahmad Kiarostami, Founder of Fotomoto, Docunight, Koantum

Reza Shaeri, Attorney

Soheila. Namakian Sales & Marketing

Sarah Atchison, Investigative Research Consultant

Mehrdad Majzoobi

Ali Faiz

Hamed Behravan, Journalist

Joseph Zojaji

Ali Simnad

Arash Massoudieh

Alireza Saberi, Software Developer, Microsoft

Ali Daneshgar, 3D Artist

Shahin Sorat

Afshin Nejad, CEO "Search Engine Projects"

Mike Moghaddas, Windermere Real Estate

Cyrus Moghadam, Stanford Class of 2018

Kamshad Kooshan (Movie Writer/ Director), NewLight Entertainment

Arash Najafikodini

Hossein Sahandram

Mehr Beglari, Devloper, business owner

Eugene Mesgar, Investor

Ala Amini, peace over war

Rostam Shirani

Mohammad Haghighipanah, PhD candidate

Negar Partovi

Kamyar Mosavat

Hamid Alipour, Software Engineer, Microsoft

Kazem Behjat

Ziba Shirazi

Amir Zavichi, PhD, Civil Engineer

Jalil Kamali

Omid Safa, Principal scientist R&D

Arash Mikaeili

Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai

Kamak Ebadi

Amir Naghshineh-pour

Shahrzad Folger

Yaelisa, Artistic Director, Caminos Flamencos

Sean Mortazavi, Microsoft, Paperkarma

Mohsen M Khalkhali, Partner at Iratel Ventures

Elham Rezvani

Mehdi Ashrafi, PhD Candidate, University of Washington

Priya Assal Gheysari

Rul Afshar, student, TU Muncih

Amir Noruzi

Abdi Shayesteh, Lawyer, Entrepreneur

Afsaneh Alisobhani

Yahya Alkhansa, Musician

Akbar Pavaresh

Mary Ellen Warden

Parizad Atashfaraz

Ben Hojjat

Maryam Ataei

Touraj Daryaee

Forough Hosseini, EVP of Information Systems, ICI Homes

Shirin Khosravi, Director, System Analysis

Shahla Batmanghelidj

Malek M. Afshari, Electrical Engineer

Hassan Yaghoobi, Intel Corp.

Daniel Restrepo

Alireza Masrour, Managing Partner of Plug & Play Ventures

Mohammad Mahdi Raouf

Susan Kath

Mehrnoosh Oghbaie, PhD student, Stevens Institute of Technology

Arya H. Bolurfrushan, CEO, Bolurfrushan International Group

Vali Nourmohammadi, Mechanical Engineer

Setareh Ebrahimian

Yasmin Fallahkhair

Arian Hosseinzadeh

Navid Nader, Electrical Engineer, Huawei

John Perlmutter, Problem Solver

Peri Bearman

Kayhan Kamli

Hamid Behdad, President, Central City Development Group, Los Angeles, CA

Ehsan Mirbagheri, Reliability Engineer at Microsoft

Zohreh Eskandari

Negar Tabibian, Urban designer

Muriel Kahn

Frederick Kyle

Morteza Ebn Rasoul Sanati

Ardy Vosoughi

Burt Cummings

Hoshang Asadi, IT specialist, Swedish TV

Bahram Nasehi, DMD

Mehdi Parhizkaran Entrepreneur

Ahmad Fathi, MD

Ardavan Nozari, Nozari Advisors

Niloufar Nikoo

Chaja Pole

Negar Nikbakht

Mohsen Dibaei, Investor

Fereshteh Naderi

Atefeh Yazdi

Koosha Saii

Fay Moghtader

Leila Pisheh, FNP

Parastoo Nasr

Ali Forootan

Parviz Boroumand

Hadi Farnoud

Zara Metghalchi

Dr. Amir Farshad Ebrahimi

Firoozeh Firoozfar Amirrezvani

Forough Yazdani

Mehdi Rashighi

Leila Nattagh, Environmentalist

Randall Pegram

Matin Hekmat, Structural Engineer, Tishman

Jobi Schwartz

Nuri Hamidi, Program Manager

Moji Babazadeh, Real Estate Sales and Construction

Dr. Mehdi Ramazanpour

Sepideh Nasiri, Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor

Narguess Moasser

Parvin Afshari- Midwife

John Sarlak

John Schieber - retired chemical engineer

Babak Bagheri, Esq.

Alireza Bitaraf, Project Coordinator, FB

Aref Ebrahimi

Kamaneh Akhlagh

Reza Asadollahi

Maryam Hazeghazam

Behnam Yousefi

Babak Maher, Pharmacist

Sahar Karimian, Social Activist

Hanri Nahreini

Zohreh. Tamjidi

Anahita fathipour

Dr. Fatemeh Khamseh Kordoun

Ali Alex Yazdani

Susan Aryamanesh Former Software Engineer, Emerging Artist

Mehrdad Hadjianfard

Vahid Khoghan

Roxana Ansari Pharm.D

Behrouz Bigdeli

Touran Nozari

Zahra Salehi

Mehrzad Heidari, Senior Structural Engineer

Xanyar Kamangar, Founding Partner, Griffon Capital

Mason Darvishian

Jeffrey Brewer

Shirin Safa

Kamran Kian, Global VP of Operations

RosemaryMcGadyy retired

Abraham Khajeie

Elena Kyle

Halleh Stickels

Joan Cantor, Former College English teacher

Lori Bianco

Ryn Miake-Lye

Termeh Yeghiazarian, Visual Artist

Mehrdad Hosseini Mehr

Michael D German

Farsheed Fozouni

Maryam Mujica

Bryna Pizzo

Khosrow Soltani, Owner of All Phase Mechanical

Shabnam Dadkhah

Bobby Yazdani, Founder & Managing Partner, Signatures Capital

Soroor Ebnesajjad

Navid Hazeghi, Banker

Ayda Koleveri, Software Engineer

Hossein Bahrami

Faramarz Rabii

Allen Amir Ghorashi, DDS

Soroush Richard Shehabi

Kathryn Campbell

Farzad Azad

Hamid Kazerooni

Mahmoud Saheli, Construct Project Manager

Dr Touradj Parsi

Nazli Karimi, Cost Manager, Bechtel Corp

Alireza Goudarzi, PhD candidate, Computer Science

Jila Sharghi

Ramin Amirmazaheri

Dr. Parham Karbassi

Ali R Amjadi

Sara Akhavi, Product Manager

Kata Yon Zolfaghari

Farhad Rezaei, Ph.D

Sam Sinai, PhD student, Harvard University

State Rep. Paul Rosenthal

Amitis Darabnia

Anush Nejad, Senior Vice President, Engineering Consultant

Sanda Bossy

Reza Marashi

Alireza Bidar, VFX Artist

Behzad Tabibian, PhD candidate at Max Planck Inst

Maryam Amini M.D.

Jonathan Taplin

Amir Amirani

Farshad Amiri

Stephen Marmon

Marie-Helene Da Costa Brown

Hoosur Daudi

Farbod Jamali

Dr Shahla Sadeghi

Mohammad Rafi, Professor, TJU

James Zukor

Ali Ekhtiari

Ahmed Zarnegar

Ehsan Akbarzadeh

Kamran Hamasian

Mehrad Khosrowshahi

Shahram Ghaneh

Hamed Mohammadpour, Founder & CEO BakuParking

Azita Mujica-Beavers

Kambiz Soleimani

Sepideh Maleki, Grad Student

Mostafa Fahool, Real Estate Broker

Negar Ansari

Sarah Sadeghi

Eddy Marvian

Amir Mortazavi

Arsalan Mahtafar, Associate, McKinsey & Company

Kaveh Rad, Structural Engineer @ RADCO

Ivar Zeile / director, Denver Digerati

Mohammad Reza Mahmoodi

Yasmin Nozari

Peyman Raoofi

Sussan Siavoshi

Hamid Zadeh, Financial Advisor

Linda Lolo

Tara Torabi

Craig Uhran

Mike Moshayedi

Hope Reiner, Founder Hope Cares

Frances D. Cook

Mani Nadjmi, Photographer

Bijan Ramineh, CPA

Fred Nikpour

Nima Ahmadi, Stanford MBA / MS / BS

Sheila Vosoughi

Alireza Kaviani, PhD.

Anousha Mesbah, Software Engineer, Inovator

Nader Soltani, DBA

Mahmoud Bagheri, Transportation Manager

Dar Bijarchi, Actor/Producer/Civil Rights Activist

Katie King

Hamid Niknia

Vahid Jahangiri

Farley Iman

Shaya Kheradpir

Kaveh Tashakori

Roshan Houshmand, Artist and Teacher

Faezeh Lotfalian

Shayan Yaghoubi, Mechanical Engineer

Yasin Elahiyan

K Zanjani

Mali Evans

Reza Amin, Real Estate Developer Los Angeles

Jaleh Bisharat, CMO Eventbrite

Jahanshah Javid

Kari Martin, Principal Fusion Consultng Group, LLC

Reza Vaziri, Engineer

Mahvash Ehsani

Liv footer

Firouzeh Afsharnia

Mozhdeh Nadjmi

Hayedeh Scott

Behrang Barzin

Poopak Taati, Professor and Legal Consultant

Shirin Bolourchi

Dr. Nahid Shahabi

Allan M Luthi, Portfolio Management

Mitra Bahrami

Fereydoun Rahmani

Eleanor Edelstein, School Counselor

Ahmad Mansouri

Siamak Farah

Ali Farahmand, Law Office of Ali Farahmand

Ali Rusta-Sallehy, Senior Manager, PWC

Ashkan Nasseri

Aiman Tarsin

Jorge Calvo

Pari Shaygan

Omid Monshizadeh, Software Engineer at Coursera

Ali-Reza Vahabzadeh

Caroline Birenbaum, Writer/Editor

Sara Parpar, Small Business Owner

Manoochehr M. Ghahramani, Retired Civil Engineer

Shahrzad Shahraray. Retired Iran Air Director, General Flight Services Training

Tony Karimi. Business Owner

Richard Terry

Shayesteh Talai, DC, PE

Farideh Farhi, Affiliate Graduate Faculty, Univeristy of Hawai'i

Miss Nahid Walsh

Tim Siahatgar

Melody Aram

Leona Rajaee

Soha Ghanian, BA/MD Program at Brown University

Bagher Sarabi, Database Administrator, County of Los Angeles

Ramin Jaafarian

Guity Heshmatpour

Alireza Zoghi, Retired Banker

Sasan Noorbakhsh

Reza Taghavi

mahsa babaei, QA Engineer @ Stem Inc

Hamid reza elahi

Farzan Mamaghani

Kiana Alikhademi, PhD Student at University of Florida

Asieh Shayegani Educator

Mana Kharrazi, Nonprofit Leader

Hamid Shirazi

Armin Babaei, Developer

Piran Zarifian

Ms. Deanne Marie

Ali Moayedian

Mozhdeh Matin

Oskar Kalbali

Alidad Mafinezam

Armond Bigian

Arezoo Samimi

Farid Hosseini

Sassan Ettekal, Investor

Maryam Vahdati, Business Owner

Melissa Boeker

Mohammad Noshad

Assal Rad

Elham Shirazi, Principal of E-planning

Mohammad Ladjevardian

Neema Rouhani

Sarah Duncab

Mehrnoosh Ghafoori

Sarah Yarmand

Rassoul Rassouli

Mozhdeh Zahedi

Raheleh Shakoori, Esq.

Jacque Ardebili, Vice-Presdient

Mike Barzi, Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Mrs. Dagmar Epps

Leila Mahdjub

Habib Mirhossaini

Esmail Behboodi

Yasmine Gheshlaghi

Nader basseghi

Shima ShamsRad

Layla Nemat

Geoffrey Kelly

Mohammad Chalaki

Abu Abraham, Medical Director, Santen Inc.

Hamid Shahrestani, Civil Engineer

Mary Parsi , Export Manager

Mike Ghanbari

Dr. A.C. Mahdaviani

Saeid Nourizadeh, Ph.D.

Pariz Ghyabi, Senior Estimattor, IntervestCconstruction, MBA

Sam M. Reynoso, Sr. Programmer/Analyst

Saba Edjlali

Susan Shahidi

Shahnaz Basharhkhah

Diego Cortez, President, Diego Cortez Arte Ltd

Reza Fathi

Behnaz Fazeli

Mike Kargar

Reza Zaryouni

Dr. Farahnaz Khaleghi, CEO,

Ahmad Shadman

Dr.yasman Basseghi

Gholam Ferdowsi

William Waldron

Richard Lessard

Mojtaba Akbarzadeh

Roshan Nozari

Saba Salamatian

Huseyin Arezu

Mohsen Nejad

Afsoun Ahmadi


Behdad Jafari

Ahmad Ghazinoor, Geotechnical Engineer

Hossein Namdar

Hamid Shams

Mohsen Salehi, Traffic Consultant

Reyhaneh Eghbali, Attorney

Mahrokh Siadatan, HR Manager

Reza Jahansouz Architect

Beheshteh Abdi

Dr Okyanousa, MD CEO

Mohammad Taher

Reza Shahab

Ramin Bagheri

Professor Houshang Shahnavaz

Maryam Nowruzi

Afshin Ghaffari

Tahereh Zaryouni

Maryam Yaraghi

Farid Naftoon

Aussie Fiuzi

Fred Marzara, Building Official

Marilyn Carter, Mother of Iranian-Americans

Minoo Hedjran

Salameh Dibaei

Farshid Mojaver, UC Davis

Angelo A Papa

Sepideh Basseghi

Dr. Shokooh Miry

Ali Geranmayeh, Investment Adviser

Amir Safaie

Meesh Mousavi Artist

Yones Ghadim

Fari Talebi, Scientist

Sina Kahnemouyi, Robotics Researcher at UCSC

Fariba Adgari

Camran Rewakhah, Dentist

Max Gail

Rick Saunders

Mike Shabazi

Shirin Rahimian

Terri MulQueeny-Stern

Shaya Ghazinoor

Sasha Mirpour

Hamid Ladjevardi, Logicaltrading Co.

Mike Faiz

Mona Rahmani

Ali Safavi

Kathleen Corby

Nazila Doroodian, DMD

Aziz Haqshenas Mechanical Engineer

Amir Malek, Ph.D.

Zia Abharo CEO IQ Texteile ind inc

Frishta Ali

Ali Shasti, Founder, Professional Engineering Servicess LLC

faranak esmaili

Farzad Mashayekhi

Amin Daryakenari

Ali Salehifar, Cisco IT PM

Ehsan Ahmadi

Bardia Mesbah, Managing Director

Mariam Noori, Attorney

Kathryn Judd Kurtz

Hodjat Pendar

Nasim Shamsaei, Interior Designer

Touraj Parang, GoDaddy

David Guernsey

Maryam Azarakhsh, Principle, Maryam Style

Arash Zolfaghari

Faye Farhang Hutsell, Management Consultant

Dr. Hamid Nakhaie

Violet Parvarandeh

Jose N Rivera

Ebrahim Barati Ph.D., Independant Accountant

Tara Rad, Global Procurement, HP

Fabien Mansoubi

Hojat Moradi

Sheila Mostafazadeh

Chiara Sani, Director of Development

Khashayar Rakhsha Software Engineer

Farzin Razi

Amir Nikraz

Hooman Jam

Kia Sedighi

Mick Jackson

Neda Toombs, Clinical Lab Scientist

Hassan Safarzadeh

Ardavan Metghalchi

Michael Shobeiri

Roshanak Poursamadi, Electrical Engineer

Afarin Safavi

Zohreh taher

Farshid Ardabili-Farshi, Social Worker

Farshad Mashayekhi

Kayla Tabari, Nurse

Mahvash Beyzavi

Hossein Taki, VP

Katayoon Naficy Beller, Ph.D, PA-c

Javad khorami

Neema Naficy, Business Development Consultant, MedTouch

Hossein Mousavi

Hassan Sayyadi, Lead Researcher, Comcast

Hamed Ebrahimian

Reihaneh Hafizi

Nilou Alemzadeh

Hoss Said, Vice President, Global Lenders,Inc.

Ramin Beytollahi

Atousa Atashfaraz,

Anita Tolouei

Glenn Smith

Yasamin Salehi, Pharmacist

Nozhan Javaheri Bassir

Reza Manzoori

fariborz khoshettekal

Ava Khodabandeh

Mohsen Ghofrani, M.D.

Daniel Morrison

Farzaneh Valipour

ali mahdavi

Mahnaz Razavi, Physical Therapist

Azzie Rapadas

Shawn Hatami

Fariborz M Farhan

Babak Heidari, DDS

Morvarid Kabir, Ph.D.

Maryam Tabatabai, Corporate Attorney, Baker & McKenzie

Negin Sobhani

Mercedes Salem, Attorney

Dr. Homayoun Sikaroudi

Judy Masserang

Massoud Metghalchi

Azita Turner, Artist

Asita Sami

Kia Poursalehi Real Estate Agent

Ali Rezvani

Sarvi Asemi

Azadeh Khalili, MPH

Mansour Noorbakhsh, Science Teacher

Afsaneh Djabbari-Alsani, Artist


Katharine M Lord

Leyla Alhosseini

Mehdi Karami

Robert Bonab

Saman Akhavan, International Welding Eng

Vahid Taheri

Dr. Nazanin Sahami

Azadeh Rad, Graphic Designer

Larry D Hatfield, Veteran

Sanaz Razi, Attorney

Ali Eghbali Afshar

Kehvon Thomas

Darius Hedayati

Eduardo Garay, Owner of Edusyl Tennis

Farideh Behrozi

Shahrooz Kamali

Homa Taghi

Farhad Azimi, MD, FACR

shahrzad ghadjar

Shadi Karimi, Attorney

Hadi Azimi

Pejham Khial

Russ Bennett

Ahmad Eghtesadi

Micala Khavari

Fera Rezaee V

Claus Andrup A Canadian

Farhad Saadat

Dr. Arif Rahman

Amir Ghorbani, Restauranteur

Lily Alavi, Educator

Shami Mizani

Jahanshah Ardalan

Farshid Tabrizi

Jessie Grdon, Retired Editor

Hossein Vakili

Jila Jalali, Health Services Administrator

Mohammad Saleh Miri

Matthew McKenna


Sherry Otmishi, Real Estate Broker

Eamen Hameed

Anoosh Djavaheri

Dr. Sadegh Namazikhah, President and CEO of IMAN Cultural Center

Yasmine Rafii, Owner Y Art Works

Carol C. Schaefer

Soudabeh Sharifi

Molly Rad

Diane Mills, Clinical Research Coordinator, GHS

Mohammad Ghaferi

Nina Aryaie

Fay Fahim " RN"

Fereshteh Hashemi, PhD

Margaret Donovan

Stephen D. Walters, Attorney at Law

Afsaneh Gorganzadeh

Asghar Askari

Kamy Molavi, Attorney at Law

Abed Ghanbari

Susana Rabadan


Ken Silviol

Marcus Saitschenko

Hamid Radfar

Sirous Heidari, IT Consultant

Simin Karimi

Babak Afshar, IT Manager


Mandana Kanani

Nazie Hoda

Shahla Sarraf.

Kian Kad HR Manager

Honey Asgari

Samira Damavandi, Graduate Student

Borhan Kazimipour, AI Researcher at RMIT

Mitra Baghaie Azimi

Maryam, Student

Mohammad Shirazi

Sherwin Sheik

Hooman Bahrani

Salaheddine Vakili

Rashid Asgari

Amir Hossein LOrC

Massoud Safavi, Managing Director

Borhan Oskoorouchi, MBA Candidate UNC Kenan-Flagler

Afshin Amini

Ali Mireshghi

Faramarz Mokhtari

Alireza Tabatabaeenejad

Fred Aryan, Electrical Engineer

Nahid zare Accountant

Reza Parang

Maryam Milani-Baladi


Nazanin Salehi, Law Student

Sasan Sotoodehfar, Sound Engineer

Merdad Sanjideh

mehran diba

Masoud Ali, System Engineer

Sima Toussi, MD

Lily Ghafouri DMD, Pediatric Dentist

Masoumeh Shaibani

Sherzod Gulamov

Jamchid Tavangar, Retired Engineer

Hoomaun " Ty " Ataei

Majid Naini, Author/Speaker/Professor

Mina Rad, Property Manager at Colliers International

Yalda Attar

Azadeh Rezaie Nikou

Mina Sehhat Md

Maryam S. Karson, Attorney

Manouchehr Salehi

Sima Mitkin, Program Manager, Cisco Systems

Fred Radfar Md

Morteza Farmand, Senior Engineer

Sohrab Mobarakghadam

Vahid Pouya

Dr. Masoud Homayouni, MD

Sepehr Haddad (Shahin & Sepehr band)

Sardar Ansari, Research Fellow, University of Michigan

Hamid Azad Professor

Minoo malek

Daryanaz Mostajabaldaveh,

Kathy Kashani

Hadi Hosseini Araghi

Soheil Mahdavi, Regional Private Banker, Wells Fargo Bank

Siavosh Eshtehardi

Mahta Ahmadnia

Seyed Mirlohi, P.Eng Spectra Energy Pipeline Engineer

Idelle Longman

Kiyanosh Siadatan

Shahrzad Sanjideh

Mandy Afrasiabi

Roya Khosrowshahi Chadab

Nadi Sarnevesh

Joseph Rajabi, DDS

Afsaneh Parandian, Kindergarten Teacher

Soudabeh Tehrani

Simindokht Dehghani

Mehrzad Sanjideh

Ali Sadeghi, Professional Engineer

Anthony Afsari Investor, Analyst

Ali Sadr

Afshin A Nahavandi (MD)

David Lee, Physician

Mehra Alaee

Faranak Fathi, PhD student

Jeff Salavitabar Economic Professor

Marjan Nikraz

Amy Lyman

Fereshteh Sadeghi, Industrial Engineer

Ali Kazemi, QED

Reza M. Mahallaty

Hamid Larijani Chemical Eng.


Bijan Amirshahi. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Sassan Hashemi MD

Ali Akbari, Professor of Economics, California Lutheran University

Dawn Siadatan

Sahar Salimy

Mohammad Ali Samie - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Canadian Citizen

Reza Babazadeh

Michael Westberg, Drama Teacher

Bijan Yaminafshar

Nasrin bahrani

Jamileh Bagheri

Rebecca DesPrez

Kia Arian. Marketing manager

Sina H. Aragh, Offshore Mooring System Specialist, Shell Oil

Bana, Financial Consultant

Mehrab Zarian-Dero

Dr. Farzad Inanlou

Manuchehr Shahrokhi

Ehsan Nasr Azadani

Farideh Partovi

Faye Foroutanpour, Technical Writer

Amir Garadaghi-pour

Jesse Rajabi, Music Educator

Adel Askari

Mohammad Tehrani

Sardar Naghdi, Niruye Basij

Ferial Nazmi, Expert (Saman Bank)

Lisa Hildreth, M.S. LMFT

Maria Najafi, Accountant

Matin Parvini

Vahid Rezaei System Engineer, Gap Inc.

Cara J. Wilson

Abbass Bagheri, MD

Madjid Emami

Fred Hashtpari

Taek Chung, Facebook

Nhu Miller

Azita Ariane Azarpira

Saman, UT Student

David Bradford Smith

Firouzh Shahbandeh

Shervin Etemad, Medical Student

Shohreh Saedi

Babak Ardalan

Arjang Seraji, Esq.

Sadegh Asgari, PhD Student, Columbia University

Bijan Ghofranian

Mohammad Kashkooly AVP Software QA at Bank of America

Bardia Heidari, PhD student

Andrew Bergstrom

Pejman Bidad

Simi Shokati

Matin Far

Shawn Shahid Salehieh, Attorney

fatemeh nouri

Zara Metghalchi , Financial Professional

Alireza Teymouri, Editor

Babak AzimiSadjadi

Fariba Khaleghi

Homa Djassemi

Maral Seif Graphic D

Jan staller

Pouya Jamshidi, Medical Student, Weill Cornell Medical College

Mary Mozayeni

Farrah Assadpour

Moe Amanzadeh

Hadi Ataii

Afsaneh Oskouy

Parisa Khademi

Milad Jahadi

Shahram Lotfi, P.E.

Leyla Mirbaha, Optometrist

Hamid Mostowfi

Solmaz Ansari

Imaginhr Is'real Cantero II

Fariba safai

Abdollah Davoudi, Ms.c. Mechanical Engineering

Par in malek

Forrest Lesch Middelton

Parsa Saffarinia, UC Riverside

Mojgan Momeni, IT Specialist, philanthropist

Manijeh Sharifi, Computer analyst

Farhad Tavassol, Owner, president of F&M Incorporated

Anjela Nowbahar

Dr. Tara Nowakhtar

Khadijeh Ghezlou Scientist

Margean Bijarchi

Yasmin Hekmat, Public Relations Director

Alireza Jodeiry

Jocelyn Roberts

Mo Khavarian - Retired Engineering Manager

Perry Pakravan

Rouzbeh Shirvani

Abbas Emami, Engineer

Leigh Wedterfield

Pejman Mansouri

Babak karami

Khashayar Yazdanbakhsh

Erfan Khajehnouri

Pej Vahdat

Abbey Askari Manager

Dr. Mehdi Taheri

Nikta Amiri

mojgan aghamir, UCLA March

Jennifer Westberg

Hanna Seraji

Manoo Sabety-Javid

Iraj Varzi General Surgeon

Robert Zarafshar R&D Hewlett-Packard

shahrokh heidari


Nasrin Sasanpour Former Wall Street Investment Banker

Zahra Hemmat

Mostafa Eb. Sharif Adam

Yousef Azar - UK

Roya Ferdows

Larry Florence

Atossa Shafa, MBA

Massoud Ghadessi

Ali Sedaghat

Parisa Farahanchi

Mohammad Haisafari, V. P. Carp Construction Corp.

Azadeh Farahmand antrop

seyed sajad mousavi Phd student


Pantea Medinejad

Ali Ghorashi, VP Operation

Farid Shahlavi

Nima Janmohammadi, Musician. Faculty, Doctorate student at New England Conservatory of Music

Hamid Kheirkhah

Neda Amiri, MD, FRCPC

Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani, Editor, Muftah Magazine

Marjan aleyasin

Garsivaz Rafieian, Telecom System Engineer

Sofia Rosala, Deputy Head of Compliance & Counsel at Aberdeen Asset Managrment Inc.

Guita daylami

Bita Vakili ,Painter

Maryam Nowakhtar Pharm.D.

Mehrdad Eghbali

Roya Mashayekh

Niloufar Abtahi

Mahdokht neshat

Reza Ganjavi, MBA. Classical Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Philosopher, Writer, IT Project Manager

Amir Akbari

Ali Khidadad

Nasrin Nourizadeh

Mojtaba Ghavi

Behnaz Dibai

Samira Rahimi Designer

Pirouz Shoar, Businessman

Amirhossein Jangjouy E Vatan,Mechanical Engineer,MSM Industral group

katayoondehchamani the owner &dirctor of art gallery (No6gallery

Frank Mirian, Pilot

Nakhostin Javidani, Professional

Soudabeh Rokni

eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

Sharzad Firooz, PTA mom, Medical Research Coordinator

Mohammad Ghassemi

maryam fakhran

Bozorg Khazraie

Maryam Pakpour

Roberta Evans

Ehsan Houshfar, PhD, Senior Process Engineer, Energos AS

Pezhman Khorasani

Mojgan Ghaemmaghami

Farriba Mobargheie - The Netherlands

Ally Bolour, Immigration Attorney

Maryam Tabbakhha Research Scientist at UC Berkeley

Nima Bolouri

Shaghayegh Norouzzadeh, PhD. Program Manager at North Shore-LIJ Health System

mahsheed jamnejad


Zargol Ghojeh

Ali kafi,MD

Tara Ghorashi Educatir

Ms. Bita Khalvati

Ara Nahapetian, ScD, MIT, Retired Scientist, Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism, Biotechnology

Marjan Nia

Yas Maleknasr- Filmmaker

Fariborz Sayadian

Sima Haghighi

Massoud Ghadessi

Kayarash Daylami

Farid Mashatan

Michael Nazari

esti marpet, filmmaker

Saeid Ghafouri

Roya Rahimian

Jaleh Yeganeh Parast, MD

Hossein Azizpour

Shahrzad Radahd, PhD

Foad Vakil MA Business Owner New Jersey

Minoo Akbarian

Mostafa Emami

Susanne Engheta

Azadeh M Rohani, Research graduate in Petroleum Engineering at USC

Kayla Ghasemi, Student

Dara Khatib, Medical Student

Asieh Ahani

Denise Champion Legal Administrative Assistant

Jamsheed Sobhani

Morteza Kasmaei

Kamran Khakbaz, JD Candidate 2019

Rod Shakernia, Sr. Web Ordering Specialist, Yelp-Eat24

masood sahraian

navid rezvani; Sr. Director CA

Farideh Tehrani

Sue Randall

Sean Khosrowshahi

Mohammad Hadadi

Nasrin Masoumi microbiologists

Sami Bitar

Dina Khatib

Alireza Malek, Physicist

Shervin Fekri, M.Sc. in International Management


golbagh asadi

Peggy Schorle

Dr. Hamid Hosseini

Masoud Haghighi

Golnaz Behzadi

Tina Moeininia RN

Homa Farzad

Neda Nobari

Noushin Abdehou, PharmD


Henry Chalian

Ahmed Mohamed

Zohreh Noshad

Abolhassan Mokhtabad

Soussan Azadi

babak ehteshami

Cameron Ajdari

Shahla R Hamidi

Hesam Meshkat

Ali A. Najmi PhD Retired mathematician from public education

Kami Pahlavan

Andrew Fiouzi

Ali Keyhani

manny shahraki, Geotechnical Engineer

Fred Shemirani

Armin Ranjbar

Ibrahim Hassani

Shahrzad Vigeh

Ziba salehirad

M. Ray Arvand, Esq. Immigration Attorney

Bossism saffarinia

Amir Noori, Engineer

Cyrus Sepasi, Sales Consultant

Vargha Dana

Naveed Naficy, Marketing Professional

Ahmad Farzad MD/FACS

Jaleh Safari

Mark Smith, Software Engineer

Mehrnoush Yazdanyar Principal at Yazdanyar Law Offices

Shabnam Tavassoli

Tahereh Hessam, MFT

Rachel Upton

Angeliki Kapoglou Systems Engineer

Delphine Blachowicz Herbert

Mahsa Hakim, Dentist, Co-owner, Union Square Dental Practice

Christina Fagerstal

Lusic Zandi

Omid Bagheri, Graduate Student at the University of Washington, Public Health Practitioner

Naveed Nadjmabadi, Software Engineer

Regina Schrambling, Food Writer

hashem ash farhang

Nouschin Khoshnevis-Scherrer. Teacher

Azita Moradlou

Mehrdad Habib, Structural Engineer

Navid Safavi

Mansoureh Amiri

Mitra Martin

Mary Kate Brennan Yilmaz

Ali Kashani

Faye Amjadi, Retired

Hossein Azari

Kian Nabavi

Roya Danesh

Benjamin Vali

Fatemeh BALAÏ

Jaleh Farahmand

Abol Parviz

Shahrouz Beheshti

Hedieh Hashemi DDS

Florence Dacey

Christopher Smendziuk Scientist

Nazy Kaviani

Khandan Assefi

Nayer Mirnasiri

Ali Shakiba

Jane andrewsJ

S Mohsen chavoshi

Ebony Pattenaude

Joseph Esavian Electrical engineering student at SJSU

Sholeh sharif

Professor A Reza Sheikholeslami

Behrad Babaee, Senior Software Consultant

Dina A

Thomas Jay Rush and Meriam R. Zandi

Fatemeh Ziai

Andisheh Jahanbin


Manij Seghatoleslami Assefi

Giti eshraghi-Khalil. PhD.

Shekoufeh Sheibani

Hamid Asemi

Shiva Olamazadeh

amir shiraz

Pegah pakparvar

Soha Ghanian, BA/MD at Brown University

Dean Pourmand

Sara Heydari

Azar Dashtban Accountant

Mina Doroudi

Farahnaz Nekoomaram , partner, Naimi Group

Joseph Dadgari

Nika Ghiyasi

Shaghayegh Cyrous

Hossein Tabatabai, President, Transbay Fire Protection, Inc.

Hamid Khamneipur

Karen Kazemi

Amanda Sullivan, Artist

Akbar Rohanifar, Sales Manager, Korean Air

Azadeh Ghotbi, Artist

Elahe yazdi

mehdi Aghajan

Sayeh Hashemi

Halyn Hughes

Shahla Chehrazi MD

morteza -hallaji restaurant owner

Robert Dabaghian

Sadegh Modiri

Joan Habib, Educator

Chloe Sherkat UC Irvine Student

Afsaneh Taheri, graphic designer

Jo Conatser

behrouz parsa

Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian


Mona kassam

Nellie Kargar

Dr. Atosa Vahdati

Paymun Zargar

Javanmard Shahrzad

Ari Darvishian

Mehrdad Etemad, Sr. VP, Anglo Asian Mining

Stefan Fabry

Peyman Homami

Termeh Hodjati

Marcy ghaffarian

Fritha VIncent

Matthew Smith Student

Bahram Vazindel

Syed Jafri

Ali Tashakori


Shapour Shabanian

mehrnaz seibel

Shayesteh Akbari

Samireh Said

Mojdeh Juliana Segatolislami Waroich, DDS Washington, DC

Farzaneh Roudi

Manoutchehr keyhani

shima z.faramarzi

Saeid Hashemi, Consulting Engineer

Stefanie Uluhogian, Advocate for Peace

Kioumars Houshmand

Mrs.Mimi Westerfield

Alireza Norouzzadeh, power electronic engineer

Nooshin Malek

Meysam Mobini

Reza Nadjmabadi, cyber consultant

Soroor Mohammad Chairman at Econometrica Inc.

Steve Seibel

Sadra Tizhoush Taban

Halleh Hashtpari

Ozi. Badiey housewife

Mahmood Amirrezvani

Bahereh Khodadoost, artist

Kav Tah

suzanne r. sooudi

Amir Ghadiri

Nazanin Sharif-Fard, Designer

Farah Moaven, Information Technology, Principle

Kian Habib PhD Candidate

Ali Javadi


Mahsa V

Sirus Vahabzadeh, Student

Firoozeh Homayounmehr; Financial Management specialist

Sasan Noorbakhsh

Melody Sahar-Khiz

Oldouz Dehghan

Lee Diamond

Lia Janati-Ataie

Zarrin Navvab

Parham Kamali

Sohayla Rostami, Medical Student, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Anne Marie Shalaby

Soheila Navai, Financial Advisor

Cameron Behravesh, Banker

Asal Shakeri, Experience Architect

Behrooz Sarshar

Mojgan Amin

Nahid Vaisipour, IT Operation Manager for Abbott

Amir Afzal, D.Sc.

Mostafa Tofigh

Teymoor Siahpoosh


Anahita Daghoghi

Helga Taylor

Raoof Assefi , Architecture

Lolo Saney; Linguist- Special Educator

Donna Miller

S. Hashemi

Hamid Moezi, Senior Mechanical Engineer,

Elaheh Rassadi

Sophia Tourneh,

Seyed Hosseini, Director of Equipment Engineering, MTA Metro-North Railroad

Mahmood Sabzi / Visual Artist, Painter

Arash Hamvatan

Mike Shahidi, President, RSS Restaurant Group

Lili khosrowshahi

Sina Haghani

Majeed S. Nami

Mazi maghsoodnia

Mani Tousi

Rouzbeh Motiei, Neurosurgeon

Farhood Malek

Nima Moinpour- Just a graduate student

Farshid Mohammadi, Ph.D., P.E., Engineering Manager

Ron Salehi

Farshid haghbin

Cyrus Amiri, Md.

Mohsen Alikhani

Marzie nejad, MD

Nazaneen Homaifar, MD

Navvab Hosseini

Natalie Schwartz

Mahdi Tondar

Reza Askari,MD

Kurosh/Cyrus Nasseri, Program manager DOE

Maryam Shahsavani

Fuad Motia

Mehrnaz Mousavi

Bita Lee Vokshour

Khatereh Soltani

Behrouz Vafa, Software Director & Co Founder of Financial Sciences Corporation

Reza Khalili, Founder & Director, RKadia Partners, GPGuide

Nahid massoudi realtor

Farideh Assadi

Nahal Hakim

Reza Sirous

Tatiana Lambert, Project Manager, Schreiber Translations

Mina Hedayati psychiatrist

Mohammad Rezai

Saba Elahi (information analyst)

Daniel Buk

Azar Noush Mazarei

Azar Afif, Artist


Sushil Bhatia

Dr Reza Sabetghadam

Ms. Deana Sarshory

Sarah Shirazi Reznick, CFP

Ramon Maghsoudi

Simin Mirzanian

forough ettekal


Amir Razavi, Business Analyst

Mahmoud safari, Civil Engineer

Sheila Nasseri Health Specialist

Katy Barin DDS

Dorsa Ahari

Babak Salek

Koorosh Ghorbani , Programmer And Software Engineer

Ali J.Naini, Neurosurgeon

Herb reynolds

Amir Rashidi, Commercial Insurance Broker

Alireza Faryar, Ph. D.

Ms. Mitchka Saberi

Nader Tashakor Environmental Engineer City of Los Angeles

Nazanin Dana

John Nader, Concerned Citizen

Azita almasi

Hengameh Hamidi

Kian Moayedi / Engineer

Aram kalhori; Research Scientist

Mohammad Pirjaberi

Arrizu Sirjani

Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian

Peiman Eghbal

Rita Chelala

Amir Mehran, MD

E. Denis Walsh

Sadegh Radjai (Advertising Manager)

Bobak Khial, Sr. Recovery Manager, Avid Acceptance

Saghi Rokhshadfar, MD

Arash Zadeh, Account Executive

Hanna Ahmaripour

Dr. Arya Azadpour

Roy Vaziri (Traffic Engineer)

Maryam Majidi

Nina Alikhani

Dr & Mrs Ali Askari

matthew pourabedin

Bill Evenhouse, theFolksinger

Azita Barbod

Mohammad Modarres, Nicole Kim Eminent Professor of Engineering, University of Maryland

John Malakzad

Maloos Khonsarian

Nina Sharif

Ida Babazadeh

jasmine javaheri

Abdulhakim Nobahar, Senior Patent Examiner, US Patent & Trademark Office

Dr Hossein Rassam


Afshin Gerayli, M.D.

Rouzbeh Ghanbar Nezhad, Assistant Professor, The University of Oklahoma

Martin Kleinbart

Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri, Ph.D. Psychologist and Host of MomTalk LA & PeaceLearning Parenting

javad eghbal MD

Mitra Forozesh Behnam, Founder, president Roya Foundation


Stephen Hand

Ali Mohseni

Masoud Mojarradi

Mona Vosoughi, People Development Specialist

Esther Trujillo

Farah Kamiyabipour

Zod Bozorgmehr, Director, Apple

afshin eslami

shahab etemad

Farah Naini

Dariush Zahedi, Director, Berkeley Program on Entrepreneurship & Development in the Middle East

Reza Moqtaderi, Engineer

Amirteymour Moazami (Student)

Nadereh Fallah

Babak Tafreshi, National Geographic photographer, The World at Night (TWAN) founder

Arash Sametipour

Salma El Ouardi

Dariush Keyhani, Founding member of the law firm of Meredith & Keyhani ,PLLC

Mehrdad Sorkhei ICT manager

Dr farjadpour

Robert Dufault

Ali Asadabadi, PhD student, University of Maryland College Park

Ilia Teimouri, Theoretical Physics PhD, Lancaster University

Louise S. Emami

Fischberg Irandokht

Pirooz Eghtesady, Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Carol Weber

Hanieh Safari, graduate student, University of Michigan

Aidin Hafezamini

Farah Aslani Amoli

Robert Habibi, CEO Global Focus and Board Advisor

Mahrokh R

Ahmad Hoorfar, Professor, Villanova University

Sara Sanadgol

Ala Ebtekar, Artist

John Bruk

Maryam Roshani , Software Engineer

Varooj Kureghian Civ. Eng.

Bahram Khatiblou

Manoucher Maleki

Hossein Ekhlas, Professional Engineer

Simin Pitts, Writer

Mohammad Mashayekh , Customer Service Manager

Ben Amini, CEO of IEDA Enterprise Inc

Siavash Ayrom, President AHS Hospitality

Ed Mohajer, Business Development Manager, Window City Industries Inc.

Hadi mehrabi

Kaveh Ghadimi

Homayoun Khalili, Senior Engineer, Saint-Gobain

Robert Steed, Co-Founder Performance Plus

Mercedeh Kordestani, President, IT Is Simple

Azadeh Rashidi, Architect, Tod WIlliams Billie Tsien Architects

shayan saghari

Majid Tavakolian, Managing Director, ARJMED Inc.

Ehsan Adeli

Afshin Sattarifar

Taraneh Djahanbani Ideal Protein Nutritional Coach

Elham Danesh

Simin ImaniRad

mah mood

Reza Tavakoli, Engineer

Laya Khadjavi

Sasan Faiz, Co-CIO

Mehrdad Aslani , Political and Social activist

Maryam Sharif

Cameron Behravesh, Banker

Nasrin Tezvani

Vahid Afshar, M.D.

H Austin Esfandiary, Board Member MCM Media

Robert G. Janati-Ataie Music Professor

Sohail Tavazoie AND Head, Laboratory of Systems Cancer Biology, Rockefeller University

Babak Faizy

Farzad Abolfathi, Mortgage Technology Consultant

Roya Nouhi

Heshmat Madlessi MD

Vahab Mirrokni, Google

Soraya Moaveni

Morvarid Soltani, Ph.D.

Milad Mirkarimi, Web Designer

Mahnaz Zambian, dentist

Saeed khalili

Ali Maleki, Investment Manager

Linda Bahrami

Nasrin Hakimian Business woman

Ali Ahmadi, Senior Program Manager Lead, Microsoft

Lydia Ansari, Intellectual Property Attorney at Perkins Coie, LLP

Bahman pouranpir

Shahin Laghaei

Mehdi Ghaemi, standex, Entrepreneur, Dubai, UAE

Joseph J Zamiri MD

Manouchehr jahanbin , president of IC M construction machinery

Rana Amini, MD MBA

Bahman Kalantari, Professor of Computer Science, Rutgers

Amir Taghavi

Parvine fotouhi

Ehsan Shahmir, MD

Judith Ain, Pilgrim for Justice, Peace, and Healing

Ossama Hassanein, Chairman, Rising Tide Fund

Professor Akbar Montaser, Former Faculty at The George Washington University

Mina tavakol

Niusha Rafie

Ehsan Ayati , Quality Manager Datawind Inc

Behdad Fouladi, Industry Solutions Executive, ABB

prof kazem fathie M.D.

Ladan Almassi

Mojtaba Azadi, Research scientist, MIT

Hossein Rajaee

Roger Arbabi, Principal, The Columbus School

Peter Mikaelian

Vahid Menhaji , Lawyer

Ali bonihe dds founder sky health

Albert gabri

Shahrzad siassi

Mina Mortezai, MD

ali akbar ali asgharpour

cyrus samii

Zahra Nassiri

Farideh Jalaeifar

Zarmina Panah (lawyer)

Mir Fattahi, MsCE, PE, Principal at AMN Management, Inc. Engineering Company

Vahid Mohsenin, MD, Professor, Yale University

Allan Eliassi

Mohammad Ahmadian, Ph.D. Director, Kinovate Life Sciences

Farshad Kassaie Kivi

V. Safavi

John Feizy. CEO Feizy. LLC

Ali Kakhsaz

Bahar Hashemi

Sanam Saebi, Principal naval architect

Fred kiani

Faramarz Fathi

Ali Mizani

Afsaneh Kooshesh, Midwife, House Manager


Amid Salari, Adj. Professor, Foothill College

Shabnam Keyvan, Attorney

Yasmin Shemali

Reza Khazaneh

Hamid Ahmadi CEO babykish

Majid Razmara, Cofounder and CTO, MetaOptima Technologies Inc.

Abtin Salehi, Regional Product Marketing Manager at Sony Europe

Mojdeh M. Naieni

karim mahmoudizad busuness man

Sharareh Noorbaloochi, Postdoc fellow at NYU & Founder of

Jalal Maftoon

Reza Mirzadeh, Teacher

Nicole Durand, CEO of ME & Read 4 Urself 2 Think 4 Urself

Reza Majlesi, Professor

Vandy Hamidi, Director of Operations

Farideh Jalaeifar

hamid hayat dmd

Mansoor Eyvazi, lawyer

Houshang Arbabi retired avionic manager.

Dr Alirza Armin

Dr. Ramin A. Medhat DDS

Alireza Motameni, PhD Economics Howard University

Javad Jamshidi, Founder, Stockton MRI & Molecular Imaging, Philanthropist

Roozbeh Mansour, MD. Minimally Invasive General Surgeon

Javad Maftoon

Nazaneen Hayat chapter leader Shabeh Jomeh DC Metro

Joseph Sagati

Mahnaz Zandkarimi

Bijan Kazemi, President & CFO, Solar Panels Plus

Youssef Asemi

Diako Azizi, Business Development, Persisca LLC, Nevada

Taghi Tirgari MD

Massoud ASSEMI CEO Pyramid Homes

Khalil Nemati

Ghazar Zehnaly

Mohamad Taher Bagheri, M.D. Thoracic surgeon (retired)

Hamid mootabar

Farshid Mokhberi

Sussan Lari president of Sussan Lari Architect PC

Gregg Larson, Capt, USN (RET), Commercial Nuclear Engineering Consultant

Hanna Weg, Director & Screenwriter

Reza Ghalebi

David Salimian

Vida Yasmin MD , physician / anesthesiologist

Maryam Shirinlou , Transpersonal Counselor and Artist

Chahla Garroussi

Javad Keyhani MD

Ben Parvizi

Pouria Abbassi, President, Phoenix Houses of California, Inc.

Roya Afshar Mohajer DDS Clinical Assistant professor ,NYU College of Dentistry

Auriya Mofrad

Firouzeh Shariaty

Faye Homayouni. Sotheby's International

Harry Adabi, Project Engineer

Farhad Fariman (MEP Consultant Design Manager)

jose mejia physician

Mr. Ardavan Ghalebi

Andrew Siegler

Aziz Alekozai

Nima Dilmaghani, Founder YumDom

Parvin Naficy MD

Alireza Azimi

Yadira Sharifi

Farzad Khalilnia

Kamran Zahedi

Marlene Jozdani, Visual Fine ArtArtist

Ali Mohamedi

Maryam Jouzi

Ali Behzadnia, M.D. Former Deputy of Ministter of Health and Education of Iran

Dr. Abdollah Yamani

Dr Nasser movassaghi MD

Hila Hemmati MD

Kambiz Afshar Mohajer DMD,MSD. Clinical professor NYU college of Dentistry

Hossein Sharifi, PhD, President ICG Consulting

Hasan Javadi

Kamran Abedini, Chair and Professor of engineering, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

N. Dean Marachi, PhD., Consultant

Ali Farboud, Professional Photographer

Cathy Guthrie

Nazhin Zarghamee Tech Exec and Entrepreneur

Nouri Ghorbani

Tara Sohrabi Associate Professor at Montgomery College MD

Mina Mahdian, DDS, MDSc, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist

Michael Yekta (Retired)

Arya Behzad, Sr. Dir of Engineering at Apple; IEEE Fellow and former Distinguished Lecturer

Mahdis Azimi,, Lawyer

Saleh Sepehrifar, Journalist, Translator

Kourosh Tabar - Engineer Architect

Farhad Mojarrab,

Afsar elahi

Ali Pourian

Ahmad Momeni, PM, know-How Industrial Consulting Engineers


Mrs. Ashofteh Bouman

Ahmad Ansar, p

Sousan Hakimrabet

Baram Zamanian, MD, Cardiologist

Farhad Mechakt, Conductor

Dr. Kambiz Moin

SM Shahrokni

Reza Ghazi, CEO of GreenFlow Financial and Community Activist - Toronto, Canada

Amir Mousavi (Founder, The ANA Project)

Nahid Shirazy -Majd MD. Clinical Assistant professor in pediatrics New York Medical Coolege

Carrie M Mullin

Nilou Zafar Master jeweler

Mahyar jamshidi

Maryam Sadeghy, Director Corporate Development, Sundance Institute

Nyein Nyein Myint

Azita Takeshian, M.D. Physician

Nargess Khosrowshahi

Farideh hosseiny

Pari Ghalebi, RN.

Behrouz Rajaee; First VP, Marcus and Millichap

Araz Feyzi, Director of Analytics, Duetto Research

Maryam Salour


Nasrine Faghih, Architect

Hanieh Khosroshahi

Arash Sadeghian Haghighi , Clown , Founder , Manager Of Mofid Theater Group

Arsalan Razani, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico

Dariush Vaziri, M. D.

Mahmood Hooshmand

Lino Brescia, Musician

Finn Carter

Farhad Nourmohammadi, M.D.

Paymen Pourmaleki , software engineer,

Lilly Banisadre, Adminstrator, California Cancer Care, Past President, CMAA

Homie Razavi, PhD, Managing Director, Center for Disease Analysis

Zohreh Noorian, Zohreh's Antiques and Appraisal

Sahar Hakakian, Adjunct Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law

Mahin Maddah

Ali vafaee

Farhad Nourmohammadi

Afsheen Hayat, Data Scientist The Smith Center

Dr. Abolfath Fazeli, Urologist

Joan lamb design inc.

Shervin Salsali, Dentist

Kay Lachini

Ramin A. Behmand, MD, FACS, Chief of Plastic Surgery, John Muir Medical center, Walnut Creek, CA

Nazli Rezvani

Nasrin Sarabi

Mohsen Joudi

Nezam Manouchehri writer filmmaker

Bijan Guilani, Ph.D.

Danielle Bersen

Nahid Nikzad, Interior Designer

David Reynolds, Artist

Paul Schwartz

Max Alaghband, Student at Cornell University

Beverly Naidus, Artist, Author, Professor

Parviz Hekmat

Morteza Setayesh, President, International Marketing Consultants,




International Signatories:

Dr John Brooke, Research Manager, University of Manchester, UK

Manoo Missaghi, Fouder and Chief Operating Officer, WebViews Inc., Canada

Tahereh Hosseini (Canada)

Sarah Sotoodeh, Sr Software Engineer, BC Renal Agency, Canada

Reza Seddigh. Canada

Majid Zamani, Assistant Professor at Technical University of Munich

Ehsan Ghasemian, PhD Student, Medical University of Vienna

Gelareh Taghizadeh, PhD Student at University of Vienna

Oveis Madadian, PhD candidate in applied economics, Belgium

Mashoud Nassri, Journalist, Salam Toronto

Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi, Professor, University of Toronto

Nima Najafi, Team leader, Toronto Stock Exchange

Ali Parsafar,Human Resource Officer, Danish Refugee Council

Sara Peymanpour, Founder & Creative Director, Toranj London

Parmis Khoj Investment Banking BNPP London

Sina Marandian, Computer Networks Specialist, Founder of "Gadget Salad", Melbourne, Australia

Mory Ghomshei (Faculty, BCIT, Adjuct Prof. McGill University)

Elmira Nezamifar, PhD, university professor & researcher, Canada

Ahmad Tabrizi-Founder & President Parya Trillium Founadation -Toronto Canada

Hossein taheri, Development Manager, ASOS UK

Abteen Sai Chartered Accountant London School of Economics

Ahmad Yekta, Ph.D., retired Professor of Chemistry, London, Ontario, Canada

Mohammad Komeylian, CEO Noble Management Consulting, Toronto

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